Gold Metal Award "Most Outstanding Food Product - Indoor"
State Fair Oklahoma

Citation & Cash Award from "Mr. Food" - "Best Food"
Miami Beach Festival of the Arts

Gold Award - Excellence of Product
Orange County California Fair

Cleanest Food Concession
State Fair of Oklahoma

Best Tasting Food
Sunfest - West Palm Beach

Best Snack Award
Heart of Illinois Fair

Oklahoma City Times
"If you eat nothing else at the State Fair, the strudel is a must!"

The Chickasha Daily Express
"The one reason I went to the fair was for Helmut’s Strudel. Never have I left that booth disappointed or without a burned upper palate or sticky fingers. Currently you eat the strudel with NASA heat shield gloves and Chloroseptic for your tongue."

The Indianapolis News
"At the strudel stand, we bought a Beef Wellington Roll, which is flaky pastry filled with spicy fresh ground beef. I don't even remember what it cost. Three, four dollars maybe. I didn’t even care. It was wonderful and I could have eaten three."

The Tampa Times
"YO-DO-LE-EE-OO. That's a yodel, which is what you’ll be doing if you invest 3 dollars for a a slice of his warm apple or cheese strudel."

The Palm Beach Times
"When you say Strudel, say Helmut’s. When you see it and catch a whiff of that tantalizing aroma, your promise made just moment’s ago, not to eat for a year, goes by the way of 81 paper-thin layers of Austrian strudel. His barely tart apple-filled and creamy baker’s cheese-filled strudel sells itself."

The Oracle Blogger
"Helmut’s Strudel is one of my fondest food memories from my decade of running The Indianapolis News’s Indiana State Fair Bureau.

Helmut, who was from Austria, made fabulous delicate, multilayered flaky strudel with his grandmother’s recipe and it was abso-freaking-lutely delicious."

Are you heading down to Oktoberfest? Here are a few things you should definitely try:
Helmut’s Strudel. For a German town we have very little strudel, and Helmut’s is a food fair staple across the country. I know we’ll be getting a piece this weekend.